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One heart,

One mind,

One yoga.

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Megan’s mission in life is to inspire, elevate, and educate as many people as possible in the practice of yoga and to encourage each client to live to their fullest, most creative, and most joyful potential!


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“Yoga brings balance and fullness to my life.”




Moja Yoga and the Movement Project came to life in 2017 when the founder, Megan McKenzie decided to combine her passion for Yoga, Children, Africa and all things that encompass wellness into one. 


In 2009, Megan lived and volunteered in an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya for 5 months. Originally only planning to go for 3 weeks she overcame the feeling that there she was meant to make a bigger impact in Africa. After traveling the slums and seeing the true and painful hardships of the young people she decided raise funds for children to receive a high school education. Successfully raising enough money for 13 students to attend their first year of high school.  Megan then continued education herself and began college in Los Angeles in 2010 after her return to the States. The project was difficult to continue as she worked full time while pursuing her degree.

Megan received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from California State University Northridge as well as her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification in Los Angeles in 2014. Since then, she has taught yoga in many studios throughout the coast of California.

Currently residing in Monterey, the town she grew up Megan has deepened her passion for bringing wellness to others by teaching yoga to children and mothers like herself. Her vision is nurture the part of her heart that holds the space for Kenyan youth and give back what she couldn’t continue in college. 


“Yoga has taught me the importance of finding balance and having a sense of fullness in life. Kenya has taught me the power of giving. My family have taught me how to love and children have shown me how to be free. I want to give others the tools they need to find their own inner peace because I know yoga can be the pathway to connect mind, body and spirit.” - Megan


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What is Moja?

In Swahili, “moja” means one.

“Moja Yoga” conjures interconnectedness.

We believe all-is-one.

Moja is everything and everyone… together… as one.  

One Heart, One Mind, One Yoga


In Sanskrit, the word “yoga” means union.  

The central focus of yoga is not the soul or the body.

It is the mind.

We believe in linking thought, speech and action.

Union is important to us.


In Greek, “moja” means brave warrior.

Moja Yoga goes beyond physical postures (Asanas).

We give back to those in hardship.

We seek to provide the physical and mental tools,

For the brave warrior within each of us.

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Megan McKenzie



Voted Monterey County's BEST Yoga Instructor 2018

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Megan's vision is to combine her passion for Yoga, Children, and Africa to create positivity and bring more love to the world.

"I see the great loves of my life (Kyle and my sweet baby Quinn,) traveling to Kenya every summer.  I want to raise my son to appreciate diverse cultures and to know the significance of giving."

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Kyle Cassamas


Kyle Cassamas has been educating and coaching today's youth since 2010.  Motivated by his own learning struggles within the traditional classroom,  

Kyle is determined to change the culture of schooling - through research and the implanting of progressive teaching pedagogy.  Kyle has a M.E.d with concentration in Multicultural Education, Social Justice, and socioemotional development.

Kyle provides coaching, council and  mentorship to the sports teams associated with Moja Yoga. 

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