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The goal is to inspire, transform, and uplift others.


What is the Movement Project?


To share yoga with all - regardless of age, physical abilities, or financial resources.  The Movement Project supports your own wellness journey - while giving the gift of yoga and movement to the youth of a Kenyan orphanage, Seeds in His Garden.


The goal of The Movement Project is to inspire, transform and uplift others by beginning or deepening your health journey.

By joining The Movement Project, you will improve your own health while you provide an intangible gift to Kenyan youth.  A portion of all revenue will go directly to Seeds in His Garden in support of their mission to provide care for abused, neglected, needy, abandoned, and orphaned children in Kenya.  Together, we will help prepare them to be Africa’s future leaders.

The Movement project has a goal to make yoga and play more accessible to the children at Seeds in His Garden.  The vision is to introduce yoga to these children by raising enough funds to develop a space on site where "kids can be kids".  This will be a space where they can play, explore, and find some inner peace.

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Projected growth based on current donations

Projected Fundraising


2017 - 2022

A Five-Year Plan

In 5 years we hope to have the movement and play site at Seeds in His Garden (SIHG) built. We also aim to travel yearly to Kenya, voluntarily teaching yoga and mindfulness to the children at the orphanage.


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